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Get Body Confident, tone and firm up with our CACI Treatment Range.

CACI International has revolutionised the beauty industry with its reputation for excellence and innovation as world leaders of skin enhancing non-invasive aesthetics. The CACI treatment range is specifically designed to lift, tone and plump difficult areas of the body in combination or separately, restoring firmness and definition to enhance your appearance.

At Sarah Hurst Clinic we are proud to offer you the best selling CACI body treatments to specifically target the bust, bum, tummy and hand areas, as well as unsightly scarring and stretch marks.

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The CACI Bum Lift

Bums often start to sag as we get older, keeping them firm is helped by exercise, but our treatment will give you incredible results so if you don’t have time to get yourself to the gym or you’re still struggling to make a difference, you’ll find our treatment will really improve your muscle tone and boost your appearance.

The CACI Bum lift will firm and tone your buttock and thigh area by increasing vital circulation, destroying fat deposits, and stimulating those important muscle networks, visibly improving the entire area.

The CACI Bust Lift

This treatment is very effective in lifting, toning and strengthening muscles around the bust area. It works by stimulating the pectoral muscles located below the breast.  The bust becomes raised giving a fuller and firmer appearance.

CACI Stomach Treatment

Maintaining or achieving a flatter stomach means combining a good, balanced diet with exercise. Getting those abdominal muscles to strengthen is quite hard work but with our CACI targeted toning treatment, we can get those abs working and firming up so you’ll notice the difference in your waistline and overall appearance in just a few sessions.

CACI Hand Treatment

A really telling sign of age is the state of our hands. The CACI Hand Treatment is a breakthrough in non-invasive aesthetic treatment specifically developed to reduce the signs of ageing. Brown age spots and a decline in moisture results in older looking skin on our hands. The CACI Hand Treatment  deeply increases and locks in moisture whilst diminishing any age spots. No need to hide your hands anymore, let our team restore and revive your hands to give them a visibly improved youthful appearance.

CACI Scarring & Stretch Mark Treatment

Scarring or stretch marks can feel unsightly. We can help you considerably diminish their appearance so that they are barely noticeable. Using a combination of Ultrasonic skin exfoliation with the CACI Wrinkle Comb, damaged tissue can be gently repaired and restored resulting in the gradual but permanent softening of the appearance of stretchmarks or scarring.

Book a consultation with us and we can advise you on the best treatment for your condition or goals. Our aim is to help you feel the best you can be.

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CACI Bum Lift
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CACI Stomach Treatment
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CACI Hand Treatment
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CACI Scarring / Stretch Mark Treatment
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