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Threading is a technique originating from central Asia and India.  It has gained huge popularity in western countries too, so we are very pleased that we offer you this treatment in the clinic. Threading allows much more control when shaping your eyebrows, and is also suitable for hair removal all over the face.  We use a twisted cotton thread to glide across your skin, removing excess hair along with its attached follicle. Unlike tweezing, which can’t always grab onto shorter, partly grown follicles, threading can remove all of your unwanted hairs at once.  This means that your hair-free time will last longer!

As the treatment only removes the hair and does not have the exfoliating action of waxing, it’s kinder and gentler on sensitive and acne-prone skin. You may be a little red but overall threading is a gentler option.

It leaves a really clean finish and the results are long-lasting. Rita and Rasana offer this service at Sarah Hurst Skin Clinic and are experienced experts in the procedure. If you think you would prefer a different type of hair removal, click on any of these treatments to find out more Alkaline Wash, Electrolysis, SMARTDiode Hair Removal, and Waxing. 


Eyebrows £17.50

Full Face £31

Upper Lip £16

Chin £16

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