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Skin Health Check

The condition and type of a person’s skin is so individual.  Our skin is a combination of what we were born with, the ageing process, lifestyle choices and the way we have looked after our skin in the past. This deep examination will reveal the condition of your skin so that we can prepare your bespoke skin care programme, confident that we will restore, repair and enhance your skin health.

Counter acting or reversing the damage done by pollutants, sun, smoking, unbalanced diets, or less than optimal skin care means we need to use the most effective skin care products available. The brands that we work with, in our opinion, are the best.  We’ve spent many year trialing and testing different ranges and the Environ and Mesoestetic have consistently shown measurable skin improvements and therefore can provide you with the significant results.

During the analysis we look at your face across the five essential sections, forehead, lower face & lips, neck and decollete and contour of the eyes. We do this visually and by using the Observ skin scanner that will also assess the deeper layers that we can’t see. We will discuss together what areas you would like to focus your treatment on, or we will prepare an extensive programme to treat all the areas of the face and neck.

The advantage for you of the Observ skin scanner is that we are able to evidence your results. We offer ongoing, regular skin reviews to ensure that you are fully achieving you skin goals. It also gives us the opportunity to ensure that your prescriptive programme is on track and make any adjustments if needed to ensure long terms results.

The Skin Analysis is the most important part of any skin transformation journey.

We want our clients to understand their journey from analysis to walking out the door. We are happy to show you why we recommend some treatments and not others, why we consider certain nutritional infusions and ranges of treatments will be good for you and others not. You can be confident that we will only give you options and treatments that are appropriate and will never recommend treatments we know to be unnecessary or unsuitable.


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£25.00 is paid as a booking fee and is redeemable against any treatment or product following your analysis.

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