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Recommend a friend and you’ll both enjoy the benefits

We know you love us because you keep telling us! Why not spread the word, recommend a friend and then, you’ll both enjoy the benefits?  Refer a friend to us and you will get 50% off your next treatment and 25% off the following one too.  And your lucky friend will also get these discounts. So, to clarify…

All YOU need to do is recommend a friend.

All THEY need to do is experience our award-winning skin and laser clinic.



Instantly download your vouchers HERE or ask at reception and we will, of course, be happy to help.


Terms and conditions

1. All referrals should be made by filling in these vouchers and giving them back to a member of staff at Sarah Hurst Skin Clinic.

2. You may refer as many prospective clients as you wish (the more the merrier!) however individual clients can only be referred once.

3. Importantly, you must be an existing client of Sarah Hurst Skin Clinic to make referrals.

4. The prospective client must produce their vouchers naming you as their referrer, so make sure they don’t forget to bring them along to the clinic.

5. The prospective client will receive 50% off a single treatment at their first visit, and at the second visit, 25% off a single treatment.

6.  The referrer can only redeem their voucher once the visit by the prospective client has been completed.

7.  The referrer will receive 50% off a single treatment after the prospective client’s first visit on their next appointment and 25% off a subsequent single treatment.

8. The client cannot already be on our database as they would not be classed as a new client.

9. Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.

10. Vouchers can only be used against treatments, and therefore, not on products or gift vouchers.

11.  Sarah Hurst Skin Clinic Ltd reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate these terms and conditions and the Recommend a Friend scheme at any time. In the event this happens, all vouchers will become null and void.

2. And finally, vouchers have no monetary value and, therefore, cannot be exchanged for cash.

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