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Nailtiques Therapeutic Manicure
The Natural Make-Over for your Nails

Our manicures are not just to make your hands look fabulous but also to maintain nail condition. Taking good care of the nails will make sure you avoid discolouration, ridges and reduce splitting and peeling.

At Sarah Hurst Skin Clinic our therapists use a combination of protein and conditioning enriched formulas that penetrate deeply into the nail and nail bed. As the nail grows, its newly formed structure is stronger, more supple, looks fresher and in better condition.

Having a manicure is one of those treatments that makes you feel pampered, groomed and special. Our skilled therapists achieve a clean and professional look that can be difficult to do yourself. And treating yourself to a manicure on a regular basis will encourage growth, soften and remove excess cuticles and provide a great foundation for applying nail varnish as well as having as giving you an opportunity to de-stress and relax in our comfortable, friendly surroundings.

We use 3 different formulas to treat your nails, tailored to what they need:

  • Protein 1 maintaining healthy nails
  • Protein 2 strengthening weak/peeling nails
  • Protein 3 conditioning dry/brittle nails

For best and ongoing results, we recommend continuing to use these formulas at home.

Treatment time – About 45 minutes

How long will it last – Usually 2 weeks but depends on individual nail growth rate

Side Effects – None

Therapeutic Manicure £38

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