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M-Pen Hair Stimulation is an advanced treatment for hair loss

We are delighted to offer you the ultimate advancement in the stimulation of hair growth. This remarkable treatment slows hair loss caused by ageing. This happens by increasing circulation to the follicle. As a resultfresh nutrients are introduced into the follicle, which revitalises and strengthens it, thereby helping to promote new hair growth.

M-Pen uses targeted micro-needling which is now a very popular skin improvement technique. It works by stimulating the repair processes in the skin.  To do this, it creates tiny holes which then help to notably improve your skin’s absorption of creams and formulas. Mesoestetic®, a Global leader in the medical cosmetics and aesthetic medicine sector, has combined the use of these tiny needles with their specific solution.  The combination stimulates the scalp’s follicles deeply. We target the area being treated with a bespoke mix of deep penetrating nourishment which, under normal circumstances, can’t get past the outer barrier of your skin.

To clarify, we are delighted with the results because we understand the distress and concern that losing your hair can cause for both men and women alike.

So, why not book a discreet consultation  with one of our highly experienced therapists without delay.  It’s time to start your journey to feeling more confident about your hair.

No. of treatments

We recommend 6 weekly treatment sessions because this will maximise results

Procedure time

45 minutes

Discomfort level

There is minimum discomfort


As this is a comfortable treatment, no anaesthetic is necessary

Recovery time

Allow 2 hours for any redness to subside

Back to normal

Following day

Final Results

Final results can be experienced after completion of 6 sessions

Duration of results

You must maintain our recommended homecare and maintenance programmes to maximise results

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