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Alkaline Wash

Alkaline Wash is a new approach to hair removal and is fantastic on reducing fine, fluffy, non-hormonal hair painlessly.

Alkaline Wash works by actually removing hair from below the skin’s surface.  This is achieved by breaking down the protein structure, this dissolves the hair, and then it is washed away on completion of the treatment.

It is a very safe treatment, pain free and you don’t tend to get other side effects such as ingrowing hairs, rashes and hyperpigmentation that can arise from other hair removal treatments.

A hair retardant cream that is required for aftercare at home is then applied to the treated area, twice per day for the 7 days post treatment.  The cream contains botanical extracts that have been shown to be effective in inhibiting and weakening hair regrowth.

Alkaline Wash removes all the hair safely and comfortably all in one go in a single treatment.

Fortified with panthenol and special oligo proteins, it leaves the skin beautifully smooth and clear, feeling soft, radiant and beautifully refreshed.

  • Pricing

Alkaline Wash Consultation and Patch Test £10

Alkaline Wash Treatment From £60

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