Your Beauty Needs are Unique to You and to Us!

Introducing our New and Improved Treatment Pricing Structure

You spoke, we listened and now we are acting! From the 1st of May we are changing our pricing structure to reflect a more unique approach to your beauty treatment needs. All of you are different and have unique beauty requirements and one price no longer fits all!

Our new treatment brochures will no longer show set prices but instead will display a price guide for each treatment. Upon consultation you will be provided a price that fits you and your needs. Your price will also reflect the level of experience your therapist currently has with the particular treatment you are having. Another positive benefit of our new structure is that we will be able to offer some discounts to clients who opt to have more than one treatment on the same visit. Overall we can truly personalise your individual requirements and alot the necessary time to ensure you receive the highest quality experience for your money.

We know that this is a brave move to completely change the model of our pricing as the majority of other salons do not do this but we feel this is a positive step forward to improve our service to you. We are sure that the results for you and the quality of your experience with us will outweigh any concerns you may have regarding our new pricing structure.

We really care about our clients and want to ensure that you see real results from the treatments we provide. We look forward to discussing these changes with you individually and what they mean for you and your current treatment plan.

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