What are thread veins and how can they be treated?

The word vein for these little red blood vessels that we see on the surface of our skin, known as Telangiectasia, is actually confusing.  These aren’t veins at all but blood capillaries that show through the surface of the skin.  Sometimes we may have only one or two, but they can also be extensive.  Don’t despair because this condition is extremely common and you’re not alone.

The cause of these little blighters can be down to several factors and sometimes there may be no obvious cause.  They often develop as we age, and the structural integrity of the skin becomes more impaired and fragile.  Our blood vessels as well become less elastic.  There are several other factors which include hormonal changes, particularly during pregnancy and menopause. Genetic factors, working conditions, exposure to extreme temperatures, other skin traumas, smoking, diet and certain medications can also be amongst the causes.

Advanced electrolysis is a tried and tested method for successfully treating thread veins, particularly when they are on the face.  On the legs, then smaller ones can often be treated with a great deal of success, but for more extensive ones on the legs, then I would advice that you seek an expert who does sclerotherapy as this would be a more successful method.

The use of IPL and laser is also known to be a successful treatment for thread veins and we are soon looking to bring you’re an exciting new treatment in this respect so keep a look out.

Having practiced Advanced Electrolysis for over 30 years, I can hand on my heart say that this method of treatment works brilliantly to bring about amazing transformations.  We have recently started recording the results and are looking to bring you some case studies to show you what can be achieved over a period of several treatments.  Here we are showing a couple of Clients who have had an amazing reduction just after one treatment.  Combined with following an advised homecare routine with supplements, skincare and mineral make-up the results are just incredible.

I’ll keep the description of the treatment brief, because the results speak for themselves.  The tip of a (very tiny) needle is inserted into the capillary and current applied to cause the blood vessel to cauterise.  Following so far?  The result?  The blood can’t flow through the capillary and it’s disappeared J  Treatments usually take place at monthly intervals.  There is a little downtime in that you may have some tiny scabs for a few days, but this doesn’t stop you from getting on with your daily life as anyone else would barely notice.  Several treatments may be required to fully get the results you are looking for depending on the severity.

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