Hair Removal Solutions for Everyone with Innovative Technology - Hair No More Hair Removal System

Hair Removal Solutions for Everyone with Innovative Technology

Hair removal has come a long way since the days when a person’s options were shaving or waxing and that was all.  Electrolysis came along and offered people a permanent way to remove hair.  Now there is Hair No More, a revolution new way to reduce hair permanently that offers a fast, cheaper and completely painless alterative to other forms of hair removal.  We are proud to say that we have bought in to this new technology and are having a launch event on 19th September.  As different hair removal methods suit different people, we offer waxing, electrolysis and Hair No More treatments at Sarah Hurst Skin and Beauty salon in Brighton.

Complete Comfort

The high energy levels of traditional hair removing lasers means using them can be quite uncomfortable for some people.  Similarly, with waxing, some people find it a bit sore in certain areas.  With Hair No More, there is absolutely no discomfort as the machine uses low energy light which rapidly pulses to target the hair follicles to prevent hair regrowth.

No Going Back

An important consideration when choosing which hair removal method would best suit you is to think about whether you are absolutely sure you want the removal or reduction to be permanent as electrolysis and Hair No More are irreversible so waxing might be a better option if you’re not 100% sure.

Super Fast

Waxing and Hair No More have something in common, however. They’re quick.  Electrolysis works by targeting each hair individually so is ideal for dealing with hormonal hair growth but can be quite time consuming on larger areas.  Treatments using Hair No More take 20 minutes to reduce a medium sized area like half legs, arms and face, they take 30 minutes to reduce hair from large areas like full legs, back or full Hollywood bikini area and just 10 minutes to treat small areas like underarms or half face.

Go Large

Being so quick and painless means Hair No More is the ideal treatment to reduce hair from larger areas.  Electrolysis can then be used to remove any hairs that escape the Hair No More treatment.

Cost Comparison

Even though people using Hair No More to permanently reduce hair will have to undergo roughly 8 treatments to achieve a good level of hair clearance, the cost of, say, a Brazilian with Hair No More, is cheaper than a year and a half’s worth of waxing.  Bearing in mind that this is permanent hair reduction, it works out much cheaper over time.  Due to electrolysis being quite a slow process, it can become quite expensive to treat large areas but ideal for smaller ones.

If you’re still not sure which of our hair removal methods would best suit your needs, speak to one of our experts and they’d be more than happy to advise you.  Our Hair No More launch event on Tuesday 19th September from 6pm to 8pm at our Brighton salon is a great opportunity to see this new technology up close, talk to our team and take advantage of some great special offers.  Call 01273 270709 or email to let us know you’re coming or for more information.

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