Getting Body Beautiful in the New Year

It’s January 2018.  It’s the typical time of year to make resolutions and positive plans for the year ahead.  After all the over indulgences of the festive period, top of many a list is to turn to healthy eating and get in shape.  Many a gym membership is bought, diet recipe books are sold in masses and the quantity of booze consumed reduced.

So we decided to jump on board this New Year trend and showcase our range of body treatments and products. We are well known for our results driven skincare for face, but the body side of our salon is often overlooked, which is a great shame as we have some amazing treatments to get you into shape.

However, a word of advice: there is no replacement for healthy eating and exercise.  We can’t work miracles.  Our treatments will help enhance the body you are getting from your new lifestyle, they are not a replacement.  However, we can help with skin tightening, cellulite and muscle lifting to aid with body shape and confidence.

Environ Body Sculpt uses Environ’s scientifically sound technological developments to create a treatment to drive biologically active ingredients deep into the lower layers of the skin. This results in a reduction of the dreaded uneven ‘orange peel effect’ on upper thighs and buttocks leaving skin super smooth, nourished and hydrated. It also helps to smooth and minimise stretch marks. For longer lasting more noticeable results, we recommend a course of 6 treatments.

We provide a range of Caci body treatments for lifting, toning and strengthening. The most popular treatment is the Bum Lift. This is an excellent treatment before a holiday or just to keep the buttock area toned all year round!  It helps to firm, tone, contour and sculpt the buttocks as well as helping with cellulite and breaking down fatty deposits.  A course of 10 – 15 treatments are recommended followed by monthly maintenance.  The other popular Caci treatment is for bingo wings on the upper arms.  We can also aid with scarring and stretch marks using ultrasonic peeling and LED light therapy to stimulate tissue repair and healing.

We can also customise these treatments and, along with supplements and homecare, create a very personalised treatment and programme to assist with your goals.  So call us on 01273 270709 for your own unique body treatment consultation without obligation.  Come along and find out what we can do for you.

To book a treatment call 01273 270709