A Healthy Gut = A Healthy Skin

REBALANCE. The secret to a healthy skin…… A healthy gut 

The secret is out!  It’s not what we put on our skin it’s what we feed it with is the key.  This is true, but it is important that we feed it both inside and out. Everyone knows about the advantages of a decent skincare regime, yet few of us look beyond to see what is happening on the inside.  Our skin is the window to our gut health and immune system.  Rebalance your way to stepping out in confidence in skin that you love. 

Typical signs that show in your skin when the gut isn’t functioning at its optimum are: 

  • Breakouts 
  • Dullness 
  • Dry 
  • Itchy
  • Redness 
  • Dark circles under eyes 

Typical other signs that develop when the gut isn’t functioning at its optimum are: 

  • Bloating 
  • Gas 
  • Cramps 
  • Noisy gut 
  • Constipation 
  • Loose stools 

Not nice hey? 

Your immune system also won’t be operating fully which can lead to frequent colds, low mood, anxiety, habits and cravings. 

Having a healthy gut it vital for us to feel and look fantastic, yet it often abused.  Without our digestion working efficiently it is unlikely that the nutrients required to keep our skin and hair glowing will reach their goal.  Toxins stay put, which places more strain and we just don’t feel ourselves.  Our gut isn’t just our stomach, but our whole digestive tract which consists of our stomach, kidneys, liver and intestines.  It all happens behind closed doors.  Experts who study digestive health haven’t unlocked it secrets. 

By fine tuning the workings of our inside is definitely the starting point for looking gorgeous on the outside. 

Each of us could do with paying attention to our gut, even if we only have milder or occasional symptoms. 

Stress also has a strong link with our gut health because of the close relationship with the gut and the brain.  Stressing out over a deadline at work or our close relationships causes the intestine to become irritated and inflamed.  The lymphatic system becomes sluggish which prevents toxins from being removed efficiently from our bodies.  Lymph becomes inflamed and as some of our lymph is located just below the surface, this can soon start to show on the surface of the skin.  Studies have shown that the influence of stress and digestive health on inflammation along with factors such as blood sugar control, fat content of the tissues and also mood are strong triggering factors in acne. 

The best starting point of course can be looking at your diet.  There are many know triggers.  The main ones being sugar, gluten and dairy.  It’s definitely worth trying to eliminate these in the first instance to see if this makes any difference.  It is worth noting that you need to eliminate for at least 12 weeks to cleanse the gut to see what differences it makes.  There are so many good alternatives these days.

If trying to eliminate different food groups seems too much like hard work the food intolerance testing may be good for you.  I know that I have a irritated gut but it definitely helps when I am careful with what I eat.  About a year ago I did a food intolerance test.  These tests check your IgG response to certain foods.  IgG is a type of antibody (immune response) which can be formed when you react to foods. A simple blood test is used to measure food-specific IgG antibodies to identify foods to which a person may be sensitive.  This can be done at home as a finger prick test and sent directly to the lab for testing.  You will then receive a report. 

I discovered that I was intolerant to Redbush Tea, yeast and wheat in the main along with a couple of the wine grapes likes Chardonnay.  Redbush tea was my drink of choice and I’m definitely known for enjoying a glass of wine (or two) so I found my main triggers.  It’s advised to cut these foods completely out of your diet for 12 weeks, which in the beginning is tricky, but new habits are soon formed and when you start feeling better it certainly gives you the motivation to keep going. 

A good quality probiotic is vital for good gut health.  Scientific studies have shown that probiotics may restore the composition of the gut microbiome and introduce beneficial functions to gut microbial communities, resulting in prevention of gut inflammation and other intestinal or systemic disease phenotypes. The microbiome of the gut can become affected by so many factors, medication being a big factor, especially antibiotics. 

An inflamed gut can also prevent the absorption of certain vitamins. 

This is an extensive subject that I am madly passionate about but I really wanted to give you a brief insight into the importance of gut health for our overall wellbeing but in particular in regards to its effects on the skin. 

So why does our digestion often get overlooked as the starting point for beautiful skin.  Why do we seek the outside in solution instead of looking at the game changer when it comes to beautiful skin and skin health?  The inside out approach, or REBALANCE. 

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