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Alkaline Wash

Vellus hair is fine, wispy hair that covers most of the face and body. It develops in childhood and remains on much of the face and body throughout adulthood. While totally acceptable to many of us on the face, an abundance of so-called ‘peach-fuzz’ can be distressing for some. Many methods of hair removal can be effective but may seem too harsh and painful. And so, an alkaline wash can offer a simple solution to this problem.

Alkaline Wash is a comfortable approach to hair removal.  It reduces fine, fluffy, non-hormonal hair painlessly. It works by removing hair from below the skin’s surface.  This is achieved by safely breaking down the protein structure that dissolves the hair.  This is washed away on completion of your treatment. It is a very safe treatment, pain free and you don’t tend to get other side effects such as ingrowing hairs, rashes and hyperpigmentation that can arise from other hair removal treatments.

We recommend a hair retardant cream that is fortified with panthenol and special oligo proteins for you to use at home. You should apply this to the treated area, twice per day for 7 days post treatment.  The cream contains botanical extracts that are effective in inhibiting and weakening hair regrowth. Your skin is left beautifully smooth and clear, feeling soft, radiant and beautifully refreshed. 


Consultation and Patch Test £10

Alkaline Wash Treatment from £60

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