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ACCOR Corrector Plasma Pen

Are you considering cosmetic surgery?

The ACCOR Corrector Plasma Pen provides lifting and tightening results, as well as minimising pigmentation and removing skin blemishes without resorting to surgery. It is ideal for corrective procedures for the skin on your face, and some parts of your body.  The ACCOR Corrector Plasma Pen gives measurable, permanent results that have made it one of our most popular skin regenerating and corrective procedures. Notably, it is useful for both men and women.

Which areas can be treated?

• Upper and Lower Eyelids
• Eye Bags
• Forehead and “Worry Lines”
• Jowls
• Necks
• Mouth Lines
• Nasolabial Folds
• Abdominal Stretch Marks
• Upper Arm “Bingo Wings”
• Pigmentation caused by age or sun exposure, and Liver Spots
• Scars 
• Skin Tags
• Milia

Sarah is a national trainer for ACCOR and brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to our clinic and clients. The technology is advanced, very convenient, and above all safe. It works by releasing an electrical arc that vaporises the skin, gently but effectively, tightening the surrounding skin. The benefits are a greater and wider tightening effect allowing for better results than traditional thermal treatments, a quicker healing process, and less downtime for you.


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ACCOR Plasma Shower

Introducing the ACCOR Plasma Shower

This amazing treatment is like a skin peel giving you deep skin rejuvenation. It is great for overall skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and reducing pigmentation as well as improving acne scarring.

First, your face and neck are swept over with plasma, and then a deeply penetrating serum is applied. ACCOR Plasma Shower gives incredible all-over skin tightening and really improves skin texture making it great for sun-damaged skin, smokers’ skin, and even rosacea. You will see results after just one treatment and your skin continues to “reverse age” in the following months. 

There will be visible marks for up to 4 days (approx) after treatment, but you can get your face wet, use normal skincare and wear make-up.

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Our Commitment to you

We are committed to being honest with our clients, and so all treatments will be discussed and evaluated before and after treatment to make sure we give you only the best solutions to suit you and your requirements and expectations.

No. of treatments


Procedure time

15 mins to 1.5 hours plus 1 hour anaesthetic cream application

Discomfort level

3 out of 5


Anaesthetic cream 1 hour prior to procedure

Recovery time

5-10 days

Back to normal

Varies, around 2 weeks

Final Results

3 months

Duration of results


Consultation and Patch Test £50
Full Plasma Shower Treatment £250
A-Line Lift (Naso-Labial) £250
Frown Lines £250
Full Forehead £400
Glabella (Frown Lines) £180
Jowl/Marionette Lines £450
Lip and Chin Resurfacing £100
Lip Line £200
Pigmentation Removal £80
Soft Face Lift including Neck £900
Under Eye Bags £300

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