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Why not join our 21 Day Skincare Challenge?

Do you struggle with understanding how to take care of your skin in the best possible way? Is your skin looking tired and dull and you’d like to make it sparkle? Would you like to feel super confident when you’re face-to-face with colleagues or chatting on a video call? Do you get up in the morning and look in the mirror and think OMG, my skin’s a nightmare? If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then our 21 day Skincare Challenge is the perfect opportunity to turn your skin around.

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What does it involve?

  • Firstly, a short application process to find out what your skin goals are.
  • A 15 minute personal Zoom consultation because we want to really understand your skin concerns.
  • A bespoke pack of skincare for the 21 days challenge will be sent to your home so you’ll be ready to begin.
  • A private FB group for hints, tips and so you’ll be able to support each other.
  • A personalised skincare manual with full instructions of how to use everything to improve your skin.
  • Finally, weekly Zoom chats where we go through your routine together as a group, explaining how to use each of your products properly.
The cost for joining this challenge is £79 and although we have yet to confirm the next start date, you can provide your details to register your interest by clicking the link below. 

If you have any questions about the 21 Day Skincare Challenge, please contact us by clicking HERE.

Spaces are limited to just 10 people.

If you want one of the places on the next 21 Day Skincare Challenge, then grab your spot now.

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Don’t just take our word for it,
here’s what some of the group
from our first 21 day skincare challenge said…


“…great to interact with the others online.”

“A three week focus on cleansing and moisturising via weekly zoom meetings with other participants. I learned a lot from watching Sarah cleanse and moisturise properly and was great to interact with the others online. I felt the products were of very good quality and at all, I’m usually very cautious using new brands. My skin was left feeling fresh and renewed and I could see a difference after using the eye gel, especially on the crows feet. I had no puffing around my eyes after using the gel. Overall, my skin tone looked more even and felt softer. Will definitely continue to use Environ.”

Christine, Bognor Regis (February 2021)


“…not a product in the challenge that I didn’t like.”

“This skincare challenge was a really great opportunity for me to try new products in an affordable and educated way, I learnt the difference between the skincare brands that are a part of my usual skincare routine and more pharmaceutically geared products. Changing my skin routine was really refreshing and highlighted to me which products from my normal routine were actually effective. There was not a product in the challenge that I didn’t like or my skin didn’t agree with and I would happily integrate most of the new products into my permanent routine. The challenge being a group one was useful as it helped motivate me to keep up with the routine and it was great to see what experiences other people were having.”

Anonymous, Brighton (February 2021)


“…a simple routine.”

“Taking part in the 21 day skin challenge was a great experience for me. In the past I hadn’t exactly looked after my skin as I should have done and Sarah taught me how important the right products were and how much of an improvement I felt just by following a simple routine. Would thoroughly recommend it!”

Kerry, Brighton (February 2021)


“…really interesting learning curve.”

“Thank you to Sarah for running this first challenge. it’s not really a challenge at all to do something lovely and beneficial for yourself. Being introduced to a different brand of products and taught how to use them properly, has completely changed my very basic skin routine and has been a really interesting learning curve. Personally, I will be trying to continue it, as in a short time, my skin feels and looks much more nourished. I would recommend giving it a go.”

Dee, Brighton (February 2021)

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